Unraveled to Unrivaled-Embracing the Four Dimensions of Resilience

Unraveled to Unrivaled-Embracing the Four Dimensions of Resilience

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The seeds of this book started in the 1980s when Dr. Jerry Lerner was the medical director of a rehabilitation hospital treating major disabling conditions such as stroke, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, etc. Despite their major traumas and losses, many found the capacity in themselves to rebound and recreate a positive, meaningful life with the support of good care and treatment. Yet there were others who did not do well although they received the same good treatment for the same conditions. Their pain and suffering persisted.

Dr. Lerner found himself asking himself - why do some people recover from difficulties and loss while others remain stuck? That prompted Dr. Lerner to devote his life to discovering the secrets to resilience. Later in his career, working with chronic pain, trauma, and addiction this question persisted. For over three decades he studied the problem of lost resilience and worked with patients one-on-one to determine their individual roadblocks. During this work, he made a stunning and life-altering discovery. Like a combination lock that requires the right numbers to be aligned to open it, he found four distinct but interconnected areas that when addressed will unlock the resilience in each of us.

Unraveled to Unrivaled, Embracing the Four Dimensions of Resilience, he shares how a resilient lifestyle, resilient emotional tone, resilient thinking, and resilient connections are essential to sustaining balance and peace in life. With a compassionate approach and with his decades of experience witnessing the success of his method, Dr. Lerner lays out his exact formula that addresses each dimension of life that is necessary to build sustainable resilience.

In this book you will learn how to:
  • Recognize and navigate the obstacles in your life that have contributed to low resilience.
  • Build resilience regardless of your past or current challenges that have kept you stuck.
  • Heal from the emotional pain that has inhibited your ability to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Reclaim the joy that has been absent in your life.
  • Find your way back to a state of harmony.
  • Create a path to healing.
  • Find meaning and purpose in your world.
  • Understand the resilience continuum.
  • Understand the connection between emotional distress and physical maladies that can manifest into degenerative conditions, premature aging, and serious physical and psychological damage.
  • Be present and creative instead of fearful and worried.
  • Show yourself compassion to focus on positive goals.
  • Build meaningful connections with others to create positive, supportive relationships.
  • Identify lifestyle choices and habits to result in optimal health and energy.
The book’s Take A Moment Activities enable readers to explore different facets of resilience and help build realistic resilience life habits. Learn how to:

· Identify living in survival mode.
· Assess inflammation.
· Understand the body’s internal GPS.
· Evaluate lifestyle and habits in relationship to resilience levels.
· Make dietary and exercise changes to enhance resilience.
· Increase motivation.
· Assess stressors.
· Engage in mindfulness activities.
· Develop a brain training routine you can stick with.
· Learn how to de-escalate stress and tension.
· Create positive goals.
· Harness gratitude.
· Respond accurately to your emotions and needs.
· Connect to emotions with compassion.
· Understand what makes you feel most alive and happy.

Unraveled to Unrivaled, you’ll be reminded of all the tools that you have within you to change the trajectory of your life and thrive. It is never too late to identify and address what is unraveling your life. With this book in hand, you will be on the road to building a life that is truly unrivaled.