The Triggering Effect DVD

The Triggering Effect DVD

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For addicted persons, triggers are signals that they are entering a stage that brings them closer to relapse. Whether the problems are with a substance or behavioral addiction, Claudia Black, Ph.D., asks the viewer to think seriously about triggers and identify the warning signs that one is entering a zone of jeopardy.

With the use of several actors, spanning a spectrum of all ages, Claudia discusses these critical triggers:

  • Romanticizing the behavior
  • Loss
  • Being one's own God
  • Feelings
  • Resentments

In conclusion she walks the viewer through a plan of recovery:

  • Recognize your triggers
  • Identify and build a support system
  • Talk about triggers and accept feedback
  • Stay in the present
  • Recognize the gifts of recovery - practice gratitude daily
  • Trust your Higher Power is on your side

36 minutes