Healing From Childhoold Sexual Abuse DVD

Healing From Childhoold Sexual Abuse DVD

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Recovery is a process, not an event. In this film, utilizing the group process, Dr. Claudia Black explains the healing process of recovery for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In adulthood, survivors experience the aftershocks of abuse - low self-esteem, the inability to trust, difficulty with one's sexuality, the inability to be successful. Abuse survivors often learn to medicate their pain through the use of alcohol, other drugs, or food and live with the shame and guilt. Claudia speaks about the process of healing from childhood sexual abuse and the steps that are vital to the process:

  • Speaking the Truth
  • Acknowledging the Losses/Feeling the Feelings
  • Addressing your Anger and Rage
  • Getting in Touch with your Inner Child
  • Forgiveness
  • Reclaiming your Power

Through the use of stories, examples, and graphics listing valuable truths that challenge the negative internalized messages that one took in as a child, Dr. Black describes the powerful journey that will lead the survivor of sexual abuse to find their internal strength, specialness and dignity.

30 minutes

Because of the sensitive nature of the material presented, we advise that this video be shown under the supervision of a professional experienced in dealing with issues of sexual abuse.